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A Student Visa is a permit that allows an eligible non-citizen to enter and stay in Mauritius to study full-time or part-time in a tertiary educational institution registered with the Tertiary Education Commission, or in a Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (TVET) institution registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority, or to follow a practical training course which forms part of higher studies.

A non-citizen wishing to study in Mauritius should in the first instance secure a seat in a tertiary educational institution or TVET institution registered respectively with Tertiary Education Commission or the Mauritius Qualification Authority, here in after referred to as recognized tertiary educational institution or TVET institution.

The following categories of persons are eligible for Student Visa:

A non-citizen enrolled on one or more programs in a recognised tertiary educational institution or TVET institution to follow on a full-time basis specific modules for one semester or two, a course leading to a certificate or diploma for a duration of a least one academic year.

  • A non-citizen enrolled in a recognised tertiary educational institution to follow full-time or part-time degree course at under-graduate level.
  • A non-citizen enrolled in a recognised tertiary educational institution to follow full-time or part-time course at postgraduate levels (including Masters, MPhil or Doctoral level).
  • A non-citizen carrying out post Doctoral research.
  • A non-citizen coming to Mauritius on an exchange program not exceeding one year with a recognised tertiary educational institution.
Application for Student Visa :

Application for Student Visa should be made to the Passport and Immigration Office by the respective tertiary educational institution or TVET institution where the student is enrolled Application for visa to follow practical training course which forms part of higher studies should be made directly to the Passport and Immigration Office by the trainee or by the receiving institution/enterprise in Mauritius.

Documents to be submitted for Student Visa:
  • Form “Application to “Enter Mauritius” duly filled in and signed by the applicant.
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Photocopy of the bio-data pages of the passport of the applicant.
  • Original letter of admission in a recognized educational establishment or TVET institution.
  • Details of duration of the course and confirmation from the Tertiary Education Commission or Mauritius Qualifications Authority that the chosen course is a full time or part time.
  • Documentary evidence of availability of funds or financial capacity to meet costs of study and stay in Mauritius.
  • A medical certificate certifying that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious or infectious disease. A test for HIV, Hepatitis B and a chest X ray should be done at any private medical laboratory/clinic/hospital in Mauritius and the tests results and Chest X ray report should be submitted to the Passport and Immigration Office not later than one month after arrival.
Eligibility for Residence Permit to undergo practical training, industrial placement (“Stage”) or internship in respect of foreigners:
  • A non-citizen intending to undergo practical training or industrial placement (“stage”) or internship with a view to enhancing his/her skills and experience should produce to the Passport and Immigration Office evidence of acceptance from relevant institution/enterprise in Mauritius.
  • He / She should be holder of a degree.
  • He/she should not be remunerated in Mauritius.
Application for Residence Permit to undergo practical training or industrial placement in respect of foreigners:
  • Form “Application to Enter Mauritius” duly filled in and signed by the applicant.
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Photocopy of the bio-data pages of his/her passport.
  • Details of duration of the practical training/industrial placement/internship and confirmation by the accepting local firm/company that the placement/training is a full-time one. The period of training /placement/internship should be for maximum duration of six (6) months.
  • Documentary evidence from the foreign educational or training establishment or enterprise to the effect that the training to be followed in Mauritius forms part of a course of study being followed by the applicants or is a requirement to enhance the skills and experience of the trainee. A tripartite agreement involving the trainee, the educational institution or enterprise abroad, and the receiving organization in Mauritius should be submitted. Documentary evidence of availability of funds or financial capacity to meet the costs of traineeship and stay in Mauritius.
  • A medical certificate certifying that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious or infectious disease.
Approval and Issue of Residence Permit to Prospective Trainees:
  • An application for Permit for Trainee is determined by the Passport and Immigration Office within 2 weeks of its date of submission, subject to it being complete and accompanied by appropriate supporting documents. Any application without all necessary documents will not be entertained.
  • The Passport and Immigration Office notifies the outcome of the application to the receiving local organization /company/enterprise where the trainee intends follow practical training course or the trainee abroad as appropriate.
  • The Passport and Immigration Office then issues permission for provisional entry valid for one month to the trainee to enable him to travel to Mauritius.
  • Within two weeks of arrival in Mauritius, the trainee should report to the Passport and Immigration Office, Residence Permit Section, 8th Floor, Sterling House, 9-11 Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port Louis to obtain Residence Permit (Trainee) for a maximum period six months.
Conditions applicable for grant of Residence Permit (Trainee)
  • The trainee who has been granted a Residence Permit is not allowed to draw a salary or wages in Mauritius. However, the receiving organization in Mauritius may grant the trainee a stipend.
  • He / She is exempted from the requirement of a Work Permit.
Cancellation of Student Visa Or Residence Permit

The Student Visa or Residence Permit for practical training/industrial placement may be cancelled if the holder no longer satisfies the criteria and conditions of the Visa or Permit or has acted in contravention to any laws of Mauritius or has given any false or misleading information at the time of application.

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Benefit of Study In Mauritius Compare to Ukraine / Singapore / Cyprus/ Turkey/ Serbia
Course Available: Accounting Management (ACCA), Hotel Management (BHMS), Business with Accounting (CIMA) and IT Courses :
  • No Interview, No Embassy.
  • One Day Old Balance to Show.
  • Age Limit Upto 40 Yrs.
  • Stay Back Option with Easy Work Permit or Occupational Permit.
  • Part Time Job Allowed.
  • Low Living Cost & High Living French Standards.
  • Good Chance to Opt Schengen Countries Visas as “Mauritius” Was Former “French Colony.
  • No Need to Comeback To India After Study or Internship.
  • Parents & Spouse Gets Easy On Arrival Visit Visa to Meet Student.
  • 55% Population from Indian Origin & Speaks Hindi.
  • All Indian Festivals are In place in Mauritius.
  • English & Hindi Speaking Country, So no language Barrier.
  • PR Option available after 5 yrs of stay in Mauritius.
  • Less Tuition Fees than other Small countries.
  • Easy and Fast Visa Process.
  • No Chance of Getting Visa Refusal.
  • Very Good Economy and Safe Country.
  • People of Mauritius always likes Indian Students and Offers Good Part Time Jobs.
  • Spouse can travel with student on special 1 yr Visit Visa.
Pathway to UK / Europe / USA / Canada
For Offer Letter:
  • Passport First and Last Page.
  • 2 Passport Size Photos.
  • 10th/12th Mark sheet (Bachelor/Master if Eligible).
For Visa Application:
  • Application Enter to Mauritius Form with Sign
  • Lease Agreement with Sign.
  • Bank Balance(Minimum 4 Lacs one day old accepted)
    • 6 Months Statement with Sign and Stamp.
    • Bank Certificate with Sign and Stamp.
  • Affidavit of Support(Bank Holder) With Adharcard(NOTE: In Bank Balance Mention Closing Balance of 4 Lacs).
  • Medical
    • HIV.
    • Hepatics B.
    • Chest X-Ray (with Report).
  • Sign offer Letter.
  • Color Copy of Passport(First and Last Page).
  • 2 Original Passport Photo(NOTE: All Documents courier to the College).

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