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There are two popular ways to move to Canada without the job offer –
Express Entry program.
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Both the popular programs provide the desired candidate with the opportunity to move to Canada without the job offer and then look for a suitable job. For these two categories, you will need minimum education, work experience, and language score as the prime eligibility criterion.
However, It will be good if you have a job offer at hand as it will increase your chances of relocation.

To qualify for Canada immigration, you will need to fulfil a minimum CRS score requirement. The CRS score asked will depend on the types of applications submitted and the requirement in Canada. Under the PNP and CEC Specific draws of Recent times, IRC cashed a CRS score of 454 on 21 January for CEC applicants, 720 CRS points on 9th Feb and the latest 13 Feb. draw required a low CRS score of 75 points.

That’s good. You meet one of the Canada PR eligibility requirements under the Canadian Experience Class. This is one of the 3 federal programs under Express Entry to grant Canada PR visa to skilled workers who already have work experience in Canada. You can now go ahead and create your Express Entry profile and produce legal documents that you performed all the duties mentioned in the lead statement of the occupation description. Based on your skilled work experience you will be allotted points as per Canada PR requirements.

If you have a Canadian job offer, you need to update the information in your Express Entry profile. First, you need to ensure that your job offer is valid i.e. it is full- time, at least for 12 months and is listed under National Occupation Classification.

Only if you have friends in Manitoba, they can sponsor you. No other province or territory in Canada allows sponsorship by a friend for Canada PR visa. Regarding relatives who can sponsor a person to immigrate, the IRCC specifies certain close relatives who qualify in this group. It includes parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew.

This is of great advantage for you. If you have already studied or worked in Canada, you qualify to apply for Canada PR visa under Canadian Experience Class and Quebec Experience Class programs. This Canadian experience adds a lot of value to your Express Entry profile. But you need to make sure that your education and experience is in sync with the work you will be pursuing in Canada.

If you own a business or have entrepreneurial experiences, you will qualify for many immigration programs as it is an important category in Canada PR eligibility. It can help you meet Canada PR requirements under PNP business immigration streams, business investor or entrepreneur visa programs. The Canadian government makes special provisions for people like you to establish your business or operate a branch in Canada as well. To understand the details for these programs, talk to your Canada PR consultant.

ECA is an assessment of any of your foreign degree, diploma or certification to ensure that it is equivalent to its corresponding degree in Canada. The IRCC has listed a number of professional bodies or organizations that are authorized to issue ECA. If you are applying for Canada PR, you must approach any one of them and they will notify you as to how you must submit your documents for assessment. It is important to note that each organization has its own fees structure and assessment time.

Yes, it is imperative that you submit an ECA certificate while creating your Express Entry profile. For IRCC to assess your foreign degree or diploma and award your point, it is a must to produce ECA certificate. Whether you are applying for Canada PR under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class program, ECA results should be provided while creating an Express Entry profile. However, if you hold a degree, diploma or certification from a Canadian university, you need not to produce ECA for that.

The Comprehensive Ranking System is a points-based system used by the Canadian federal government to assess and score a candidate’s profile who is interested to apply for Canada PR Visa. Based on the CRS score, the candidate is then ranked in the Express Entry pool. The candidate can score points on the basis of his skills, experience, education, transferability and language proficiency. Additional points are awarded if a person holds a Canadian diploma or degree, job offer and sponsorship from a Canadian citizen or Canada PR visa holder. A maximum of 1200 points (600 core points + 600 additional points) can be scored by an individual.

There are many Canada Immigration requirements and one of them is scoring points in the Comprehensive Ranking System. A person who is set to apply for Canada PR from India can score a maximum of 600 core points and 600 additional points. Core points are based on: • Professional skills and work experience • Your spouse or partner’s language proficiency, education, and work experience. • Transferability – How well can your education and experience help you adapt to Canadian society. Additional points are awarded if you have the following – • A diploma, certificate or degree from a Canadian education institute • A credible job offers • Nominated by a Provincial Nominee Program or territory in Canada. • Impressive French language skills • Having a sibling who holds a Canada PR visa or is a citizen of Canada. Thus, a total of 1200 points can be scored in CRS.

Yes, you can improve your CRS score in many ways. Here are some on which you can work. Education: Acquiring a higher degree or certification in your field will add to your score. Language skills: You can add your spouse’s score to yours or take additional tests to improve the score. If you touch the CLB level of 9, there can be a significant improvement in score. Experience: When an applicant who is applying for Canada PR from India has more work experience, it enhances his skill transferability. If you are already working in Canada, make sure you gain maximum full-time work experience. PNP: Getting selected by a PNP adds 600 points to your score.

Yes, your age is one of the most important criteria in CRS score. Canadian government desires to invite highly skilled and young professionals who can boost their economy. Thus, Canada PR visa applicants between the age of 20-30 years score the maximum points in CRS. From 31st year onwards the points keep decreasing constantly and thus affecting your total score. So, if you are planning to get a Canada PR and settle down in this country, you need to act quickly in your 20s.

Canada Express Entry is a popular pathway for migration to Canada which was introduced in the year 2015. It has been the widely accepted choice for relocation to the country owing to the fast and straightforward processing of the application along with the online acceptance of the form. There are three subcategories under this program – the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The applicant who aspires to relocate through the Express Entry pathway should qualify in either of the three subcategories and meet their eligibility requirements.

The widely popular choice for migration to Canada is the Express Entry Pathway because of the fast processing of the application. However, the Provincial Nomination is also a good alternative for all those people who couldn’t qualify through the Express Entry. In the Express Entry, the candidate has the right to live, study and work anywhere in Canada whereas through the provincial nomination the candidate is allowed the rights for the province which has nominated him for the country. Although there are provisions through which, but the reason for those changes should be concrete.

The Canada Express Entry requirements are point based hence those candidates who met the minimum point score announced in the EE Draws they are shortlisted for the ITA (Invitation to Apply). However, apart from meeting the basic point score asked by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) other requirements are minimum language score, age limit, and educational qualification and work experience matching the occupation which has been selected from the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list.

One of the basic Canada immigration eligibility criteria is meeting the Language proficiency requirement which entails a minimum score of 6 or 7 bands in the IELTS language test or 7 CLB. However, to a large extent, the minimum language score also depends on the program through which the candidate has applied for migration as some provinces even accept a low IELTS score for Provincial Nomination selection. For example – Saskatchewan accepts a low score of 4.5 bands in IELTS.

By far the easiest and simplest way to migrate to Canada is through the Express Entry program as the Canada Express Entry process is highly simplified and lenient rules for the proceedings. But, the need for a constant update with the latest changes in rules for Canada Express Entry is highly essential. Therefore, the mentorship of a good immigration consultant is very pertinent.

Canada Express Entry process starts with creating a profile and getting the registration code. The profile is created by entering all the essential personal information in the form like age, language score, work experience, education, etc. After which the applicants are shortlisted from the pool on meeting the minimum required score and are sent the ITA (Invitation to Apply). It is after receiving the ITA that the documentation process starts which will ask for the language test score, medical reports, police verification, Educational Credential Assessment(ECA) and Work Experience letter and salary pay slips. After the documentation process is adequately handled and evaluated by the immigration authorities, the candidate can file for the PR status.

There are loads of steps involved in the immigration process. From meeting the eligibility for Canada PR to documentation to filing for the Permanent Residency (PR) status every step is crucial. Even after the submission of the application, the constant touch with the immigration office becomes pertinent. Hence it is advisable to hire a good immigration consultant for oneself which is accredited with the ICCRC and also has a good track record. A reliable immigration consultant will always keep you updated with the latest trends and rules for migration.

It is highly unlikely that in the near future the Express Entry program migration can be thwarted as it is a relatively new program and the Canada Multiyear Immigration Plan 2020 -2022 has stated that a large number of candidates will be migrated to the country through this portal. However, there cannot be a definite answer to this, and anything can happen in the near future. Thus, it is always good to keep one self- updated through immigration consultants at all times.

The fee for the program is subject to changes as per the changes introduced by the CIC. The average processing cost includes Primary applicant fee 825 CAD, Secondary Applicant fee 825 CAD and dependent’s fee 225 CAD per person. Apart from this, a Right to Permanent Resident fee (RPA) needs to be paid for each candidate who is 500 CAD. Further there are also 85 CAD charges for Biometrics of Main applicant or 170 CAD for two applicants.

Express Entry Program is a model that is introduced to help the skilled workers migrate to Canada in time as less as six months. Hence, the employers also feel secure on picking up the candidate who have migrated through this portal as this means that the education and experience have been assessed thoroughly by the Immigration authorities before letting the aspirant migrant. Hence, they are assured of the skills and capability of the foreign national and feel confident about hiring the migrant.

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