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In case you’re confused about your career, we can help you to solve the problem. Once we meet you, and your family, we ask you questions to get a clearer idea of your preferences, restrictions, and goals. This will allow us to make a range of suggestions with regard to locations and your areas of interest. With more discussions we’ll help you pick between them and narrow it down to the right selection of safe, moderate and ambitions options. We will make your process of working in Malta hassle-free.

BENEFITS OF D VISA (Long Stay National Visa) :

This visa is considered as national visa which is issued by a Schengen country. With this visa, an individual can travel from a non-Schengen visa country to a Schengen area state which issued national visa within five days. This type of visa is for people who work and live in Schengen countries.
As a result of Regulation 265/2010 it is now possible for anyone in possession of a national visa (D visa) and a valid travel document to move freely in the Schengen area up to three months in any six- month period.

CV selection only

Two Years of Contract

Accommodation provided by the company.

12 months Extendable D category Visa

Initial Documents required for Assessment :

  • Passport Copy First and Last Page.
  • 2 Passport Size Photos.
  • Passport Copy First and Last Page0th/12th Mark sheet (Bachelor/Master if Eligible).
  • Work Experience Certificates.
  • Salary slips (Optional).
  • Updated Resume.

Documents for Schengen D Visa Application :

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any with Visa application Form.
  • Bank statement of last 6 months.
  • Documents of Education.
  • Documents of Experience.
  • One Passport size photograph with white background 80 percent face covered.
  • Proof of Employment in Schengen country: Letter from Employer indicating, position of the applicant, his tenure duration, salary, place of residence in Schengen.
  • Employment confirmation issued by Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs Department in Schengen Country.
  • Work Permit Letter issued by the Schengen Country Authorities and should not be more than 60 days from the date of issue. If the letter is more than 60 days they cannot apply and the employer should request another letter from the Schengen Country Authorities.

Following are the list of designations available in Europe.
Then attachment 2 which we sent on email that attached here
Let’s Understand TRC in Europe – Portugal
Temporary residency permits In Portugal:
Temporary residency for permit Employment: Portugal more relaxes and favours employees seeking work in Portugal’s most common rules implemented on local citizens and foreign workers.
Workers enter in Portugal on residency visas “can request for a residence permit under following the documents list.
A person enters Portugal without a residency visa so-called or Schengen visa issued by others Schengen state “can request for a residency permit under following the documents list.
Temporary residence permit for self-employment (Business): to start commercial (business) and self-employment (freelances) activities, SEF granted a residence permit as an independent residency title.
Self-employed enter in Portugal on visa type “can request for residency “following the documents list.
Interested in starting a business in Portugal bases on entry on (short stay) visas or others visa can request for a residency permit under “following the documents list.
Temporary residence permits for study: Students willing to study in Portugal “SEF responsible for issued residence title as below mention types. Higher education students can request a residency permit under Article 91, “following the documents.
Mobility higher education students can request a residency permit under Article 91-A “following the documents.
Researchers can request for a residence permit under Article 91-B “following the documents.
Researchers mobility can request for a residence permit under Article 91-C “following the documents.
Secondary School & professional curses students already inside Portugal territory can request a residency permit under Article 92 A “following the documents.
Trainees can request for a residence permit under Article 93 “following the documents.
Volunteers can request a residency permit under Article 94, “following the documents.
Temporary residence permits for family reunification: Spouse, children’s and parents or others depended on family members considered under family reunification” issue residence permit as below.
The depended Family who enters Portugal on a type D-6 visa can request a residence permit under Article 98.1 “following the documents.
The depended on Family already inside Portugal territory on another kind of visa or document can request a residency permit under Article 98.2, “following the reports.
Temporary residence permit for teaching professions: applicants willing to exercise a teaching profession in an educational or vocational institute or research centre can request a residence permit under Article 90 “following the documents.
Temporary residence permit for highly qualification profession: A person wishes to work in Portugal as highly qualified activities, and a position can request for a residency permit under Article 90 subject to employment contact as a highly-skilled worker. “Following the documents.
Temporary residence permit for culture promotions: A person who wishes to work in Portugal as a cultural activity and position can request a residency permit under Article 90, subject to contact as a worker or service compatible with artistic activity. “Following the documents.
Temporary residence permit for tech visa Program: this residence, especially for technical skilled workers and professionals who hold a special qualification in information technology, further has certification from certified companies in Portugal. “Following the documents.
Temporary residence permit for European companies workers: applicants for administrators or workers of companies established in the state of the European economic area” workers and deployed persons request for residency under Article 123-A “Following the documents.
Temporary residency permits for ICT and transferred workers: Workers of ICT companies who moved within the company can request a residence under Article127-B Following the documents.
Temporary residency permits for mobility workers in European: Residence permit for workers hosted by entity/company established in the national territory, according to the federal legislation, for which the worker – holder of an Intracorporate Permit residence permit issued by other Member State of the European Union – is transferred as per long-term transfer within the company can request for a residence permit under Article 124-E “Following the documents.
FAQ Temporary Residence Permit (TRC) in Portugal
1. What is TRC?
TRC stands for Temporary Residency card. Only Portugal provides this excellent opportunity to have a life in Europe.
2. Does Portugal provide permanent residency permits to foreigners?
“YES”, Portugal gives permanent Residency Permit {PR}, as well as citizenship after living there legally for five years.
3. For how long is the residency card issued when applied for the first time?
Initially, they issue the card for two years for non-U citizens. A person with a long-term residency card of any EU country can get a direct five-year card in Portugal under Article 116.
4. What is a “GOLDEN VISA”?
Golden Visa is a type of long-term residency given against certain investments.
5. What are the necessary documents required for TRC (Temporary Residency card) in Portugal?
Apart from the travel documents{passport, visa, tickets, boarding pass}legal entry, NIF, Junta, financial records, etc.
6. Is the Police clearance certificate required for TRC (Temporary Residency card)?
“YES”, a valid police clearance certificate from the home country is a mandatory document for TRC (Temporary Residency card)
7. Can a person get TRC (Temporary Residency card) with an illegal entry?
A person who has an expired visa of any Schengen country can also apply for TRC (Temporary Residency card) in Portugal.
8. Do TRC (Temporary Residency card) holders get all the social benefits?
“YES”, if a person pays social contribution properly, they can get all the social, medical and educational benefits here.
9. Do TRC (Temporary Residency card) holders need a visa to visit other Schengen countries?
“NO”, a TRC (Temporary Residency card) holder can travel 26 Schengen countries without a visa.
10. How TRC (Temporary Residency card) container be converted to citizenship?
A TRC (Temporary Residency card) holder can apply for a passport or nationality after living in Portugal for five years
Do the language proficiency certificates required for TRC (Temporary Residency card)?
“NO”, for TRC (Temporary Residency card), it is not required.

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