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In order to retain its competitive edge, the UK invites skilled professionals to work in the UK under the Tier 2 visa program. Under this program, workers whose occupations are listed on the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List can apply to work in the UK on a long term basis. Among the popular professions on the list are IT, finance, teaching, healthcare and engineering. Asianlink Academy can help you take advantage of this talent shortage in the UK and position yourself to gain a work permit to the UK.

UK Skilled Worker Visa Details

The Skilled Worker visa allows skilled professionals to build their professional career in the UK. The duration for stay as per the U.K. Skilled Worker is for a maximum period of 5 years The Skilled Worker Visa is a points-based visa and applicants must score a minimum of 70 points for their application to be considered. The points are awarded based on:

  • Whether you have a Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer.
  • Whether you are receiving an appropriate salary.
  • Your English communication skills.
  • The maintenance funds you hold.

If you satisfy these parameters you can then apply for the Skilled Worker Visa. The Tier 2 visa is subdivided to allow for the following professionals:

  • Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa: For workers of corporations transferring to the UK.
  • Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa: For ministers of religions within a religious organisation.
  • Tier 2 Sports person Visa: For coaches and spokespersons.

If you have successfully received a Skilled Worker visa you can:

  • Study in the UK.
  • Bring family members to the UK
  • Travel to and from the UK


You can apply for this visa three months before you begin working in the UK. The starting date will be mentioned in the certificate of sponsorship you will receive from your UK employer.

You will get the decision on your visa within three weeks of your application. With the UK government including more occupations in the Shortage Occupation List, the processing time is expected to be reduced for many applicants.


You can stay for a maximum of 5 years on this visa.


The documentation required for the UK Tier 2 Visa includes:

  • Having a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer.
  • Salary and financial details.
  • Current passport and travel history.
  • Certifications proving your English skills.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Other supporting documents.

The Skilled Worker dependent visa is for children and partners of those who have come to the country on a Skilled Worker visa or have applied for one.

The following persons qualify for a Skilled Worker dependent visa:
  • Spouse.
  • Unmarried or same-sex partner .
  • The employer-specific work permit as the name suggests is a permit that allows you to work for a specific employer.
  • Children under the age of 18 at the time of application .
  • Children over the age of 18 who are dependents .
  • The partnership between spouses and partners should be genuine and they should plan to live together for the duration of stay in the country.
Maintenance funds:

Skilled Worker dependents have no recourse to public funds as such, in their application they must prove access to adequate financial means for the period of stay in the UK and if there are dependents, they must demonstrate an additional £ 630 available for each dependent.

Age: The principal applicant and dependent must be at least 18 on the date of arrival in the United Kingdom, or when the visa is issued.

Other requirements:

You must not be a previous holder of a UK visa for students, short-term study visa on or after April 2015 or have been given leave on or after April 2015 as a parent of a Tier 4 student (child).

Furthermore, you will have to qualify the general grounds for admission. You must have a clear history of immigration, with no case of overstaying. When your spouse or relative’s visa expires, you must have no intention to stay in the UK.

Application process:

Skilled Worker dependent visa applications may be made with the main Skilled Worker visa application either simultaneously or later. Regardless of when the applications are submitted, successful applicants will be given leave in accordance with the time of leave of the principal visa applicant.

The approval process can vary according to where the approval for a Tier 2 based visa is made.

As a holder of Skilled Worker dependent visas, you can:

Remain in the UK for the same period as the main Skilled Worker visa holder.

Work, with limited exceptions.

Study or take a postgraduate course, under certain conditions.

Apply to extend your visa in compliance with the principal applicant, provided that you continue to meet the eligibility conditions. When the key visa holder has left the UK, you will not be eligible to apply for an extension.

You cannot access public funds, or work as a doctor in training, or as a dentist, or as a sports instructor for professionals


Asianlink Academy can help you make the most of this opportunity with our end to end UK Tier 2 Visa support. Our services include:

  • Immigration documents checklist.
  • Complete application processing.
  • Forms, documentation & application filing.
  • Updates & follow up.
  • Job search services.
  • Relocation and settling down support in the UK.
Talk to us to learn how you can launch your career in the UK.

How long does it take to get a UK Skilled Worker Visa?

You should receive a decision on your UK Skilled Worker Visa within 3 weeks if you apply from outside the UK. You can apply a maximum of 3 months prior to the date you are due to begin to work in the UK. The date will be specified on your Certificate of Sponsorship.

What is the minimum salary for Skilled Worker Visa?

The salary requirements for this visa are £25,600, or the specific salary requirement for the occupation or the ‘going rate’.

How do I apply for a Skilled Worker Visa?

There are 3 major steps involved in submitting an application for UK Skilled Worker Visa:

Step # 1: Sponsorship licence The employer undertakes the first stage. They will apply directly for a sponsorship licence to the UKVI – UK Visas and Immigration and will be accordingly assessed.

Step # 2: Certificate of Sponsorship The application for COS – Certificate of Sponsorship is filed by the approved sponsor for the occupation they would like to be filled by a non-resident worker. The immigrant can apply for the Work Visa once the COS is assigned. Step # 3: Applying for the Skilled Worker Visa

The prospective employee will submit the Visa application in the final stage. This is with their unique COS number and evidence for fulfilling the requirements for Skilled Worker Visa. How do you get sponsorship for the Skilled Worker Visa?

You must have an offer of employment from a licensed employer who can sponsor employees from outside the country. The employer or sponsor will verify if you have the skills to do the job you will be hired for and if you are qualified for the visa. If they are satisfied, they will give you a certificate of sponsorship with which you can apply for the visa.

What are the things you can do and cannot do with a Skilled Worker visa? You can:
  • Work in the position for your sponsor as described in the Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Work on a second job under certain circumstances. If you are working on your job for only 20 hours in a week, you can work on a job that is similar to your main job and at the same level. Or you can work on a job mentioned in the Skills Shortage List.

  • Do some voluntary work.
  • Study along with working on your job if it does not interfere with your work hours.
  • Travel to and from UK to other countries.
  • Bring your family members to the UK
1. Is there any preference given for member of the European Union?

With the introduction of the Skilled Worker visa, European Union (EU) citizens will be treated on par with citizens of other nations. As long as the UK was a member of the EU, those from EU countries had a right to work in the UK. With Brexit they will no longer have this right and will have to apply for a work visa just like others.

2. Is there any preference for candidates with Ph.D.?

No preference will be given to PhD holders. However, every candidate must have a score of 70 points to qualify in the defined parameters like specific skills, qualifications, salaries and professions.

3. Is IELTS required for the Skilled Worker visa?

IELTS is not mandatory. The English language requirements for the visa have to be meet by either IELTS for UKVI (General) with a minimum score of 4 bands in all the four modules or UK NARIC report for the Bachelor’s or Master’s qualification.

4. Can the Dependent spouse of the visa holder eligible to work?

Yes, the dependent spouse can work full time.

5. Can the Dependent spouse of the visa holder eligible to work?

Yes, the dependent spouse can work full time.

6. Is there free medical services for the visa holders?

No, they have to pay the fees as per the NHS charges.

7. What is the duration of the visa?

The visa can be applied for either 3 years or more than 3 years (up to a maximum of 5 years). After 5 years they can apply for FLR and after another 2 years apply for ILR.

8. How does it help to have an occupation on the “shortage occupation list” for the UK Skilled Worker visa?

If a candidate’s job is on the shortage occupation list – in that specific area of the UK – they can be paid 80% of the usual going rate of their job in order to qualify for the UK Skilled Worker visa. Education and healthcare sectors in the UK have a separate shortage occupations list.

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